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Year of production: 2012 - 2016

Running Time: 1:18 min

Color / Sound 

Over the years we've shot hundreds of hours of festival footage. We've braved the heat, the rain, sleepless nights, ringing ears, lovers, fighters, assholes, intoxication, dehydration, muddy boots, sandy shoes, hospital visits, sunsets, mountains, oceans, insane parties, returning friendships, new music, bad music, great music, food trucks and outhouses. 


We produce festival promos, campaigns and wrap videos. We love music, it's just the way it is. 



Year of production: 2012 - 2014

Running Time: 1:16 min

Color / Sound 

Highlights of just some of my music orientated production credits.



Year of production: 2012 - 2014

Running Time: 3:34 min

Color / Sound 

A mix of various stories, music videos and branding content.

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